The Digital Marketing Octopus: What You Get With P3 Multisolutions

Have you ever witnessed a mesmerizing (in a weird way) animal other than an octopus?
Three hearts, a distributed brain, blue blood, power to regrow its limbs, and what not?
It is truly a magnificent sea creature.

But what is more interesting out of those facts is their distributed brain. Of the total brain, an octopus has about two-thirds distributed in their 8 limbs. This enables them to perform a variety of functions at the same time. Their limbs are full of neurons that allow them to operate their arms completely independent of each other. Their brain center decides something and their neurons ensure it happens.

This is probably why an octopus is considered the most intelligent animal species around the globe. They have the means and tactics to make sure things happen their way, no matter what.

But why are we talking about Octopus?

Well, they are metaphorically similar to a digital marketing agency.

Like an octopus, digital marketing agencies work towards a common goal. Agency is the head or the brain for that matter and its limbs being the services that agency offers. It is through these services that an octopus ensures things happen their way. Thereby achieving the goals the “octopus” has set eyes on.

This is the best way for a digital marketing agency to achieve its goals as well.

Digital marketing patterns have changed today. They are not the same as they were a few years back. A variety of methodologies are important to be implemented in order to make sure audiences become interested in your brand and your products and services. It is no longer enough to just publish a simple advertisement in a newspaper to gather potential customers for your brand. This is the prime reason why a digital marketing agency needs to function as an octopus does. Just like an octopus needs to rely on its independent limbs to make things happen, a digital marketing agency needs to rely on its marketing methodologies and services for the same.

Digital Marketing Octopus

It is important so that organic traffic generation is unharmed.

Yes, that is the basic aim of any digital marketing service. Professionals who know how organic traffic is generated, who can rely on their “limbs” to garner the same are the ones who can help corporates realize their organizational goals.

Their limbs, per se, Content Marketing, PPC, Link Building, Social Media Management, UX, and Website building and designing, are all individual practices that tie together the mechanism that the “octopus” or in our case, the digital marketing firm is trying to complete. What is that mechanism, organic traffic generation.

Thinking like an octopus sure does help here. Relying on its intricately designed system of a central brain and limbs help an octopus achieve what he wants; which is what makes an octopus one of the most intelligent species on the planet.

At P3 Multisolutions, we believe in this philosophy very seriously. An octopus is our spirit animal. Without being an octopus (metaphorically, of course) we believe no digital marketing organization can function.

Our agency, that is the center, specializes in thinking like an octopus. We strongly rely on our limbs, that is our services to achieve new avenues of success and credibility in the industry. Our giant octopus specializes in some of the following digital marketing services –

Local SEO

Being known in your local circles does matter, especially when you are running a business. The digitalization of our business environment has led to the creation of local SEO services. Local SEO services help small business owners be seen and known on the internet and other virtual spaces. Local SEO services are the new-age yellow pages or virtual business cards for the matter. These services are primarily responsible for getting over 100,000 more customers than those who are not availing this magic. With the advancement the digital marketing industry is seeing, it is important that you do invest time and energy in our prestigious Local SEO services.

Content Writing and Management

No matter how much the digital world progresses, content will always be the king of this worldwide realm. Content is the one thing that no brand can show their backs too. If they do, however, they are calling in disaster! Not only will their organic traffic levels fall down, but their long sighted plans would fail as well. Everything, from the content on their sites to the content on their social media channels, requires professional help. Hiring someone to write for your platforms does not help anymore, you need someone to manage it as well! Our arm number two surely knows this, this is why it is openly waiting for you.


At P3 Multisolutions, we believe in empowering your brand with a focused advertisement campaign to make sure that your business gets what it wants the most – success in all its endeavors. We make every penny you have spent worth it. In today’s age, a quality advertisement helps build your brand image like nothing else. This not only opens your brand to accept organic and instant traffic but provides you with an efficient conversion rate as well. Your advertisements will be displayed where people have the highest chances of seeing them – search engine results and social media platforms. Your investment returns are here for you!

Website Optimization

With digital trends evolving every single day, it is hard for you to keep track of everything. Your website, over time, might start to become obsolete this way; which is why our arm (Website Optimization) is here to help you catch your success in this wild world. Through our service, we will ensure your website performs smoothly on all devices, manages to look dynamically mesmerizing every time someone visits the same and garners you your share of site traffic and revenues. At P3 Multisolutions, we are here to help you design your website so it gives your brand the edge and a new definition.

A magnificent creature such as an octopus sure does know how to get what they want in this big and complex world. They move around with just one objective – success. With a digital marketing agency whose spirit animal is an octopus, you can be sure that there is no harm that will affect you and your brand.

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