Choosing the Best Email Marketing Service for Your Business

Email Marketing

“1 Unread Message”, 

That’s how most of our days start when we start scrolling our G-boxes, scavenging for anything relevant and useful information. From facebook notifications to subscription emails and personal sensitive information, our mailboxes reflect a major part of our lives today. It’s an online version of your post box, where the email service provider is your postman and your email the letter.

Though most usage has changed by the advent of messaging platforms. This still has no major effect on our affinity to mail usage today. Newsletters, digital content, forum updates, and sensitive information are an integral part of your inboxes. Hence as a digital strategist, one needs to cater to this channel and can make use of it the most. You need to make good use of these channels and pave your own way to build an effective marketing campaign for your client or business you deal with in time.

These marketing campaigns can then help to generate useful leads for the business and help the business grow. It helps to connect with your audience, promote your brand and increase revenue from the product. Whether it be welcoming new subscribers, notifying customers or congratulating your peer on a progressive result, an email marketing campaign professional can help you plan and prosecute it.

Email marketing is also one of the most cost-effective ways to market your product, whether you want to establish small communication, by stats it can be related that companies that send automated emails have 133% more likely to send relevant contents. And 75 % of the revenue that is being generated from an email marketing campaign is from triggered campaigns, even an automated email campaign account for 21% of the email marketing revenue.

Why do u need the Email Marketing Business?

Email Marketing is essential to build brand loyalty and find new clients and customers. By encouraging repeat businesses, email marketing can help brand notify their prospective customers and help build a better business relationship. Since the direct effect of a mail can be very difficult to track, the method helps the business realize who opens the mail and which type of messages lead to more sales, hence as a business, one has a choice of an online DIY (Do It Yourself) service or hiring a full-service agency that will help you complete all the work for you.

Things to consider while selecting an Email Marketing Service.

An excel sheet with an Outlook list may sound sufficient enough for your email marketing but in this age of analytics and insights, this is like fighting a war with carrot and stick.

One needs to consider the following things while choosing a service and platform:

Integration: An appropriate integration can help you provide an overview with key metrics like Mail opening rates and Click through Rates. This, in turn, helps you understand how the campaign is performing. Social media integration helps a lot to automatically post on platforms and collect email addresses for your contact list that comes with prebuild social media sign up pages.
This can also be improved by getting data and building campaign that resonate with your social media content by checking messages that are being liked, shared and retweeted on social media platforms

User Analysis and Customization:

Email marketing service understands it better than a major chunk of the user makes use of the mobile devices to view their e-mails. Hence they provide mobile-optimized templates for you, so your emails don’t fall prey to incorrect formatting. Platforms now provide pre-designed templates powered by user-friendly editing options along with essential list building tools.

Handling Response:

Marketing for a corporate is way different than marketing for a small business, Hence so is also handling the responses that you get from marketing for these businesses. Thus what can be really helpful is using a service that caters to your need and helps you to provide aggregated responses when needed, so you can manage your customers well

User Interface:

One doesn’t want to get overwhelmed by the bizarre dashboards of complex options, hence what one needs is a service that helps and makes it easier to build a content-rich campaign with high speed and accuracy. A sophisticated view of market and sales automation features can ease out a lot of efforts that otherwise have to be carried out manually and costs both time and money.

Additional Features:

Analytics: With the vast amount of data you have collected in hand, you need to have some tools to ease out your efforts in analyzing the data and gaining actionable intel. With analytics, you can compute and gain meaningful insights into time.

Audience Specific: Some tools cater to a specific audience like Convert Kit is built for online digital content creators like bloggers and podcasters, This helps to gain traction to a specific niche reach audience.

Segmentation Tools: The ability to segment and send email to different types of customers help to provide ease of effort to the marketer.

Spam Filters: Ensuring that your messages and emails don’t land up in the spam box, spam filters help you analyze what part of your mail message content causes it to go the Spam, this will help you make changes before launching your campaign.

Platform Mobility: Some platforms provide you with app alternatives that help you monitor your campaign and progress and the distribution list through the use of your mobile device.

We at P3 Multisolutions make use of the latest marketing tools and our marketing professionals are well trained in the best marketing tools that are being introduced with time. A marketing campaign is being handled by experts and has seen a surge in their user base over the time of their engagement with us. If you are someone who is in dire need of a marketing professional, Be In Touch.

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