How to Increase Google Ads CTR in 2019

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Ever since 2000, Google has been facilitating marketers to make use of its search engine pages and network resources to market their product. The search engine started by Brin and Larry named BackRub initially was intended to provide large quantities of information. This was sure to grab enough eyeballs so, within two years of its formation, Google came up with a platform for marketers to make use of this sweet honey pot.

On Google Ads, marketers pay to showcase ads related to their products, service, and video content. Now since the mobile platform has become a keen part of everyone’s living, this has expanded to use of mobile applications as well. Using search results and keyword usage history, the ad giant places relevant ads in front of the user to marketing for the respective product.

After the early stages of development, Google made the portal self-service to help the marketers set up and manage their own campaign. Later, they added features for an enhanced campaign and multi-device user support for the advertisers.

How to Increase Google Ads CTR in 2019

Google Ads CTR:

Google Ads CTR signifies a ratio indicating how often people click on your ad after seeing it. Namely, it can be shown as the result of Clicks / Impressions for a page or ad. Hence, Ads are designed keeping this in mind, your CTR success rate can be a key indicator of how well your keywords or ads are performing.

Tips to increase CTR in 2019

Google’s Cost per click for your website or page, depends a lot on your niche website. Hence you would need to take extra effort to maintain and manage it if you plan to generate a sufficient side income. Hence your CTR primarily depends on your content and aiming to be the authority website in your niche of choice, below are few tips that will help you achieve a better CTR.

1. Competitors Keyword in your Headlines: Search for your brand name on google and the next result in line will be your competitors, then why not savor it. Adding your competitor’s keyword in your ad will entice the audience catering to your product.

2. Create Urgency by use of Countdown: Under the right circumstances, ads with countdown timers have shown a significantly higher conversion rate than the otherwise, around 32% if you believe the reports of Clarks America, a U.S based Ad agency.

3. Ad Extensions: Extension can help you make your ad stand out. Site link Ad, Call extensions, Structured Snippet, & Review can help positively. Ad extensions provide significant visibility of your Ad campaign and can help you improvise your campaigns.

4. Make use of Location Bidding: Clothing needs are different in different locations at the same time, an analogy that can help you design your ads. These parameters help you realize what is the general interest of the audience in the location. With accurate location information of clicks, you can improvise your click-through rates.

5. A High Converting Compelling Advert Copy: You need to stand out from the competitions, hence your advert copy should be compelling enough. Make use of unique selling points and experiment around. Write an engaging advert that has strong calls to action and enhances your AdWords performance.

6. Monitor and withdraw your Non-Performing Ads: Not Not every stone you throw is going to cross the bank. Face the harsh reality and pause your non-performing ads. This will eventually, help you optimize your ad.

7. Find the Right Partner Network: Ample of clicks visible on your dashboards come from google search network, hence some websites are a scam and some may be legit, hence the smart move is to figure the right partner network. Make smart use of the Value Track parameters like network, and figure out your vital KPIs.

8. Regularly adjust your Keyword Bids: Low bidding on your keywords can hurt your CTR badly, Hence if you need to rise through the ranks in SERP, make sure to be on your toes bidding for your keyword.

9. Include Target Keywords: Why beat around the bush when you can get the fruit? Google ‘s Keyword planner can help you in filtering out the right keyword. Make sure to use tightly themed keyword groups that create a positive impact on the relationship between your advert text and keywords. Highly competitive keywords are the bells for the market for which marketers pay a huge sum.

10. Make use of features like Dynamic Keyword: Dynamic Keyword enables a marketer to empty a spot in the ads where the user’s search term will appear. The idea behind this usage is that the searcher needs the results relevant to his searched query. Marketers can make use of action keywords along with dynamic keywords making the ad more relevant to the searcher’s query.

How to Increase Google Ads CTR in 2019

CTR improvising doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and surely a lot of trial and errors. Pay close attention to details and if something doesn’t work out, don’t panic, Improvise on your plans and failures and try a different alternative solution or method. Optimize your ads and keep close view as to what landing pages are they linked to. Make a list of necessary steps that you think can improvise traffic on your page and obtain more conversion. Don’t be afraid to test and implement small solutions.

A marketer needs to study and analyze their niche audience and filter out the parameters that are persuasive to them. Make positive assumptions and keep in touch with your audience. Reach out to them for reviews and call them out if necessary.

How to Increase Google Ads CTR in 2019

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