Customer Relationship Management

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Regardless of whether you are existing or as yet assessing client division, P3 Multisolutions
is the best counterpart for your plan of action and help to investigate projective demographic.


Project management feature permits you to assign multiple employees and track their hours spent on the task assigned.


Allows you to get correct and reliable invoices sent directly as attachments through package, nullifying the utilization of email threads whereas you handle your comes with nice ease.

Estimates & Proposals

Estimates are created fast and simple. Causing requests to clients become automatic invoices upon customer acceptance.


Our straightforward lead pursuit feature allows you to gauge your leads simply. you’ll be able to currently attach files, convert results in actual customers, import leads from email mechanically, and even leave notes for them.

Expenses & Payments

P3 Multisolutions offers you record expense feature and make continual expense scripts from time to time, expense invoice gets created with the desired amount  in invoice feature.

Support System

Support price ticket system allows you to generate a  response, non-public price ticket workers notes, assignments, attachments, predefined replies, insert mental object link, and generate price ticket priorities and statuses.

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Uniquely defined business models and leverage service qualities in order to manage sales revenue, customer satisfaction and, marketing ROI

Manage Projects

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Track Leads

Manage Projects

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