Do You Know How To Create Better Social Media facebook 3D Post


Ever since 2004, Facebook’s mission has always been to give people the power to build a community of their own and bring the world closer together. It has been used promptly over the decades to stay connected with friends, families and to discover what is going on in the world. Sharing and expressing what matters to the people around.

The company has an over 1.5 billion active users daily on average with over 2.27 billion monthly active users.
The social media giant has always been a vital form in sharing news and expressing themselves over the time.
It has been playing a vital role in being the instrument of change and public expression in recent years.


Media influence

The platform has been a content platform over the years where people create and post new content. From viral videos to memes, the social network has been a sweet spot for content seekers and creators. People have built native communities by sharing things through photos, videos and with new technology at hand, now with more immersive media types.

 Media firms have mad uses of this and marketing companies aren’t far behind. They are always in need of new ways and means to create a thumb stopping expression and now want to use this opportunity to gauge and transform the audience perspective regarding any product and service. Facebook has been known for its timely innovation in the sharing platform by bringing new technology in the hands of the user or acquiring and improvising public platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp. Facebook’s newsfeed has also seen changes over time.  


Facebook 3d post

On October 2017, the Facebook 360 team enabled 3d post sharing for the first time in the forms a native 3d media type in the Newsfeed. This enables people to share, view and interact with the digital object with a 360 view on their mobile devices. The technology opens door to a whole lot of interesting objects and experience that can be used in interactive technologies like AR VR.

Do You Know How To Create Better Social Media facebook 3D Post                                  Do You Know How To Create Better Social Media facebook 3D Post

Previously sharing of interactive 3D objects was possible only by Oculus and Marker drawing spaces. With the use of WebGL API, the feature has been brought to user desktop and handheld devices. In early 2018, Facebook started supporting widely used formats like Gitf 2.0 (GLB files) for the 3d posts, allowing creators to enhance content sharing on the platform. For shading materials, Facebook supports two shading models namely: PBR and Unlit.

How to post

For sharing or creating the 3D post, one has multiple options if you are using a 3D asset in your post then, you can consider doing the following:

  • Share a link to that has Facebook’s Open Graph, Sharing metadata tags.
  • Share a local asset on an Android device and use the native Sharing action option.
  • Drag and drop assets directly into Facebook’s Post composer and publish it.

The easiest of all these is, of course, the drag and drop option for creating the 3D post.

  • Click within the composer and assure that it has focus before dropping your design or model
  • Drop your model and within seconds it generates an interactive preview. You can create your Post, once the preview is available to you.
  • For testing before sharing it, you can set the visibility to only me while creating the post later changing it to Public when you think its ready.
  • You can also post 3d photos by clicking the image in a portrait mode by using your mobile camera. The composer then creates a 3d impression of it by computing the depth between the foreground and background of the image.

Relevant 3D platforms and software are now gaining pace to provide web apps and platforms to create 3d assets at one’s fingertip in the Facebook post ready format.

How does it affect the market?

Over recent times, the 3d industry has seen a revolution with the advent of new tech. But social sharing of 3d models was still a far fetch since there was only a small user group for a particular platform and a vast number of creation platforms already existed.

With Facebook 3d, marketers and creator have been provided a new tool and platform to showcase their product to the audience. They have the options to create content that pops out of the device screen. An audience can be a part of the promotion in an interactive and now. 

Gaming companies like Clash Royale and Lego have already promoted characters in 3Ds and product companies like Sony are now using the platform for showcasing their products and 3D content creator platforms and apps to create the best interactive product experience.

This has vastly affected how users are now going to experience ads and promotions that land up to their newsfeed, and no competing marketing agency wants to stay behind in taking the most advantage of it. And in this startup era, several small 3D creation platforms have also gained tractions.

                                                            Do You Know How To Create Better Social Media facebook 3D Post                               

Marketers and Designer are now bound to make your social media far more enriching and better with the use of these new techs available to them. Artists have found new ways to express and share their artwork in a better way and the new platforms surely affect their reach to their audience. This has brought business and designing firms together on a whole new level of mutual benefit. 


We at P3Multisoutions are aware of the changing scenarios and revolutionary changes that are brought by the tech brains to the hands of the people. We are fully committed to providing the best possible work and service to our clients and partners and have been doing so over the years. Our business portfolios and partner list include leading design forms that help our client transforming their digital portfolios on the media platforms and help them gain new traction.

Do You Know How To Create Better Social Media facebook 3D Post

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