Top Online Digital Marketing Trends In 2018

With businesses and startups popping at every nook and corner it’s quite essential that you must be aware of the trending tactics that will help your sales survive in the market. It’s really not much of a surprise that the secret of the present day heading corporations are adopting advanced marketing styles to provide them a boost in the sales of their products.

Those days were gone when business was limited to your hometown borders. New and advance innovative trending ideas being implemented in the market have brought numerous strategic agendas in stock for you… providing the crucial elements required for it to stay in the competition and flourish. P3 Multisolutions believes in equality and spreading awareness to ensure equity.

Here are 5 top online marketing trends that you ought to look into in 2018 and evaluate your strategies to turn over a new leaf in 2019 for your business


Chat Box has been in effect quite a lot lately taking over customer service management and selling of basic products. It has taken over the spotlight, as customers prefer instant feedback and problem solving: this is the main factor for any business to attract customers to their merchandise.

Chatting has become a widely common method of communication. Therefore using a Chat Box can increase your chances of a consistent stream of customers purchasing your products repeatedly due to its instantaneous feedback and easy as well as simple to use process. It’s a time-efficient system that is excellent for building a strong and reliable customer relationship.

On another note, customer, these days are keen to have live chat over the choice of having to call a company. Chat Box has become a key-trend for business communications and an analysis done by consultancy which indicates that 73% of customers were satisfied with their chat experience as opposed to 61% Email, 53% App, 48% Social media and 44% Phone.


You being a businessman, it is of no surprise that you would have definitely experienced the joy of achieving everything at a call’s notice. Use of voice searches such as siri has become a trend for over the 3 billion people using social media to have immediate results to their queries.

Voice search presents a challenge for today’s businesses but if effectively used, can generate massive revenues. It is based on the cunningness and prerequisite knowledge of what are mostly asked queries on social media and search engines.

Voice search befriends a customer indicating its potential for a business growth. As of Jan 2018, there were an estimated over 1 billion voice searches per month, per Alpine AI Census also indicates that 20% of mobile queries on Google are voice searches.


For business survival, it needs to keep up and adapt to the spicy topics and tactics of marketing. One such topic is AI driven market.

Long-term success and winning customers is every businessman’s desire. The act of Marketing focuses on providing premium level service to customers instantly and in the best way possible. Such is possible with the infusion of AI to the marketing procedure.

AI has been put to effect for carrying out the numerous functions like the instant feedback to the customers through Chat Boxes, Phone Calls, SMS for businesses that prove to be extremely beneficial. Working alongside AI helps manage time by carrying out different tedious activities of your business every day.

AI proves to be a handy assistant to businessmen in the decision-making process. It can help scan through the social media platforms within hours and provide data analysis as well as future plans that serve the most benefit to your business. It’s the view of most businessmen that AI will probably be rooted in the market entirely by 2025 for its advantages and generation of limitless incentives to help develop your business.


Have you just set up a business and are in dire need of attracting targeted customers for sale of your merchandise?

Pay-Per-Click is just what you are looking for. It’s an online marketing where you post ads on search engines and pay (a negligible amount compared to profit generated) each time a user clicks on it but that’s not the exciting bit, you can even advertise your products free of cost if a user just browses past without creating the impression of a click.

PPC is dealt with in quite a similar manner as with the case of SEO, using the principle of referring certain unique keywords commonly used by users during browsing on search engines in your webpage content that would track down the desired customers interested in purchase. Business chat shall optimize your merchandise advertisement and in turn increase your sales.

It serves as a marketing channel that provides you with immediate results by luring in targeted customers intent on purchasing your products. PPC is a means of skyrocketing traffic for your business overnight, how cool that is!!

Hiring Social Influencers

Social media penetration can bring immense profits for your business. Social media influencers are alluring personalities to whom people are drawn to, in fact just like a sponge submerged in water metaphorically speaking.

Social media with its widespread range serves as an excellent platform for businesses growth. Hiring well-known influencers from celebs to well-known journalists can create a difference for your brand franchise. Marketing influencers have the power to mold not just people’s mind but their personality too. They have the awareness of the needs, your franchise demands for it to have a strong foundation in the market.

Influencers having contacts of notable sponsors who are quick to evaluate the kind of ads and strategies to be implemented on social media can create a myriad of followers for your business.

It’s important that you choose a worthy role model personality for your business brand image. Today’s world is all about setting up trends and these influencers have this ability to set up trends for others to follow. For example, it’s common among people to follow in the footsteps of celebrities.

A common understanding among folks is that to survive, you need to adapt. Even Albert Einstein stated: “the measure of intelligence is the ability to change”. It’s inevitable to maintain your hegemony in the marketing world without succumbing to the trends that reshape the marketing processes.

Before you know it your throne will be seized due to your ignorance. So it’s very much crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest conspiracies rumored in the digital marketing world, for you to be able to make a shrewd decision for your business sake.

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