Hotel / Travel Booking – & ERP

With rapid growth and development in the tourism industry, need for managing the tasks involved while planings holiday accounts in for lot of energy and preparation to be put in while making the necessary travel and hotel booking arrangements. Handling tasks involved while booking tickets and hotels is a tedious job as requirement of a travel ERP solutions eventually gets more and more preeminent. P3Multisolutions offers affordable hotel and travel booking ERP solutions to support and manage your core hotel and travel verticals. Our ERP solutions for various hotels and travel organizations are par excellence as we believe in delivering quality services to our customers.

P3Multisolutions’s travel and booking management solutions will give you the much required freedom to access your data and information anywhere in world using our web based solutions. Our travel ERP solutions are best suited for all kinds of travel agencies and organizations offering complete end to end travel solutions at an arm’s length. The solution provided will allow organizations/companies dealing with online travel booking to have deep and unmatched insight about inside operations and it’s functioning, handling and servicing the customer requirements, profit or loss occurred, quick and easy access to information at all times and minimizing the cost spent on purchasing multiple software for the same. Our high end designed solutions will help you serve your customers well as the crafted ERP application will allow quick response to customer queries, etc. The various parts of travel booking we specialize in include

Hotel booking solutions offered by our expert professionals include wide range of segments incorporated within our defined travel and hotel booking ERP application. Our hotel management ERP solution consists of various segments like rate management, staff management, hotel data/information management, guest record management, booking of rooms and eatery, front desk and restaurant management, and much more.

Our brilliantly designed ERP application for travelling companies and hotels will give the owners freedom to expand the software as per changed requirements of business making it cost effective and user friendly at the same time. We ensure to make a big difference in the working of your organization yielding better management of all departments and sub departments.


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