Facebook Lead Generation and Conversion


Facebook Lead Generation and Conversion

50 billion annual revenues and a CEO with the net worth of 70 Billion, for sure make Facebook stay here for long. More than a billion active users daily and the idea of connecting people has helped the firm rose among its rank over the last decade. For something that out in a collage workshop, the network has been most popular among the teen aged and the younger working population worldwide. The level of engagement that is possible on the network is unimaginable.

This makes Facebook a sweet pot for all the marketers and the media firms out there. Also, the company has been known for acquiring profitable and engaging platforms namely its recent acquisition of WhatsApp for a whopping 18 billion and Instagram for 11 billion.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Lead Generation and Conversion

In the early stages of its growth to a marketing platform, the company allowed a post to be placed alongside in the daily news and postings by the user on the platform. With more engagement and the availability of the content, the company later transformed dedicated portal for marketers. Currently, Facebook marketing comprises of 5 tools namely:

Facebook Pages Facebook Ads Messenger Instagram Audience Network

Each tool caters to the achieve prime objective of:

Raising awareness, Growing engagement and Boosting conversions across the platform. The platform also provides ample resources for the marketers and developers to ease and plan their campaigns. The ad management portals have been well designed and maintained.

Lead Generation Forms

Facebook Lead Generation and Conversion

The most popular way to run a lead generation campaign on Facebook and its related platforms. These forms help people to show their interest by filling ‘Instant forms’. These forms are then used by business to follow-up with them. One can ask custom questions and the forms can be used to collect sign-ups for newsletters, price estimates, follow-up calls, and business information.

Usage for Marketers:
1. People are prompted to fill the instant for when they clicked on the lead ad.
2. Questions can be customized catering to your business.
3. Data can then be downloaded to Facebook directly or can be connected to CRM like Mail Chimp.
The portal provides ample integration options.

When to Use Lead Generation Forms:

People are very sensitive with their personal information so knowing and taking that in an account, we need to have an enticing magnet that will cater to your target audience. You to provide exclusive stuff that solves their problems or helps them towards their goals.

Lead forms are more effective in the following scenarios:
1. High Ticket Offers or Promotional packages.
2. For building list.
3. For sales process that needs a regular follow-up
4. New engaging websites or brands that people are unfamiliar with since they pay more attention to it.
5. Slow websites or websites that have a self-checkout function.

The holy grails to achieving more lead generations are by keeping in mind few things like:
1. Simple Content: People tends to avoid confusing and complex vocabulary so we need to the form as simple, elegant and to the point.
2. A Constraint in Time and Quantity: Deadline and product scarcity motivates people to fill in the forms.

Tips for increasing ROI:

1. Retarget User who opens the form but did not submit: Use a different offer and different selling point.
2. Retarget Submitted Users on multiple different platforms: Now you have their personal details like email id etc., so you can keep the lead warm on different platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Display Network etc.
3. Add a second call-to-action: Inform your leads what they should next.
4. Provide an option for immediate contact.

Conversion tracking:

Conversion Tracking on Facebook is done by means of the Facebook pixel. The tool drops a cookie on your website which tracks all the visitors. The tool gives you a better overview of the ad campaign results so you can also quickly create a remarketing audience.

Prior to 2015, Facebook had multiple tools each tracking a different conversion, then the social media giant took a huge step in providing a consolidating solution for all types of tracking in a single tool called Facebook Pixel.

When to use Conversion Tracking:

Facebook Lead Generation and Conversion

Conversion Tracking is a Facebook tool used to track specific actions and targets user based on that action. It’s done with a code snippet that is embedded in the page.

a. For remarketing audience
b. Detect timeframe for engagement
c. Track the pages visited by the target audience.
d. Computing the number of visits per duration of the engagement.

Using these statistics, one can filter and recreate his audience based on the custom combination, also excluding unwanted audience. This helps to derive accurate stats to define one’s ad campaign, thus creating ads accordingly.

Social Media Professionals can create custom conversion tracking based on the data with the use of URLs. However, URL links are meant to end with a THANK YOU page, submitting which indicated that the user is converted to Facebook. It’s actually advisable to use custom conversation URL when you have a unique and specific conversion event.

Facebook Lead Generation and Conversion

At P3 Multisolutions, we have experienced experts who have been working with multiple businesses, successfully maintaining and managing marketing portfolios of MNC corporates. Helping through complexity and are regularly with current trends in marketing tools and technologies.

Facebook Marketing does play a key role today since it has close to a billion visitors at any point in time. Hence, a business that can make positive use of such an engagement driven audience can be assured for success.

Our professionals are endowed and undergone multiple certification programs for social media management, that helps them to keep themselves and the campaign in check, with any immediate needs that may arise in time. We help to strategize and plan the best marketing models depending on the business requirements and costing of our clients that can help them achieve their KPIs.

So, if you are a new business looking to thrive your way out of the chaos and grow yourself, Be In Touch.

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