Educational ERP

Handling various departments at various places be it a company, big organization, school, etc. calls in for a lot of effort and funds to be invested. To sort numerous problems that arise due to lack of management and proper knowledge about all parts of an organization requires well-designed software which keeps track of all the events and happenings giving a clear picture of variedoperations all the departments. Similarly handling various departments of an institute/college like admission process, inventory department, administrative process, staff management, students’ records, library management, etc. can be easily handled with the help of educational ERP softwares. Educational ERP solutions maketask of managing various aspects of admission process easy as one gets to acquire deep insights about the department functioning and its process flow. P3Multisolutions – a house of well-known experts offers exceptional ERP solutions for academic institutions easing out the work pressure and decreasing the manpower required to carry out relative jobs.

We offer two types of educational ERP solutions that are web based and desktop based ERP applications. In web based ERP application security of the database provided is given utmost importance as we believe in protecting the identity of our esteemed clients. For this purpose encryption methods are used keeping the information safe and integrated at one place. Also to note that we do not believe in sharing the information provided with third party organizations or companies and we also provide monthly backups of the database if required on special requests. Apart from the web based ERP solutions, desktop applications are yet another app we deal in.Desktop ERP applications designed by our experienced professionals are almost similar to web based ERP applications with minute dissimilarities. The differences it contains are likeunavailability of online fee submission, etc. The advantage of getting desktop ERP application designed is that it can be used without having a connection established with the internet. Entire information can be accessed by enabling networking between two or more computers.

So be it offline or online, P3Multisolutions specializes in all types of ERP solutions for educational institutes giving the best possible elucidation for requirements specified and budget decided.


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